The Model T80 Top Mounting Adapter is a convenient way to install K-Dyne Model L80 pneumatic or electric level switches on the top of a tank or pressure vessel. These adapters are specifically designed for Model L80 switches with vertical displacers. K-Dyne offers a wide range of mounting connection sizes to meet almost any vessel requirement for working pressures up to 2160 psi. Materials of construction range from PVC to 316 stainless steel to satisfy the most demanding operating environments.

Threaded Top Mount Adaptor

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Special Features

Level switch may be removed from vessel with out removing vessel flange

aNon-integral vessel flanged and switch body eliminates expense for level switch with all stainless steel flanges

bProvides greatest process seal integrity when threaded connections are unacceptable

sdsaLarge wrenches are not required to remove level switch from vessel, making switch maintenance much easier