L83 Pneumatic Level Controller

The L83 is a rugged, displacer-operated liquid level controller that is ideally utilized on scrubbers, separators, heaters, or anywhere else liquid level control is needed. Its industry-proven force balance design allows for gas/liquid control as well as liquid/liquid interfaces. The L83 can be mounted on the left or right hand side and can be set up for direct or reverse acting. It is available with an easily replaceable snap or throttling pilot for pneumatic control. The snap pilot is available with a soft seat option control. A NACE option is also available for sour services.


Size : Threaded: 1 1/2” and 2” Pressure Rating : Threaded: 6000 psi
Temperature Range : -50°F to 400°F (Varies by Material Selections) Body : A105, LF2 (low Temp Option), SST
Pilot Max Pressure Limited by Gauges Pilot Connection : 1/4” NPT
Body Trim : 303 Stainless and 316 Stainless (optional) Pilot Body : Aluminum
Pilot Trim : 303 Stainless Case : Aluminum
Case Internals : 303 Stainless Displacer : PVC (Standard), Acrylic, Stainless


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Special Features

Powder Coated Case

Zinc plated body

316SS Bearings and Blocks

Standard Viton Seals

T-12 Machined Parts (not cast)

303SS Displacer Arms

PVC, Acrylic, or 316SS Displacer Options

Various options available for corrosive, sour or, low temperature service