L81 Flange Mount Pneumatic

This version of the K-Dyne, Inc. Model L81 liquid level switch incorporates a pneumatic 3-way valve, providing positive and fast system response. Its design has non-adjustable trip point and narrow level operation range making it perfect for applications where trip point tampering is unacceptable. An internal stainless steel supply gas filter reduces maintenance requirements.

Flange Mount Pneumatic

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Special Features

Excellent for dirty fluid applications: The design has no deep cavities or recesses exposed to process fluids

aNo external adjustments: The design minimizes the set point tampering on high or low level alarms

bIsolated pivot: Patented internal pivot seal design provides efficient mechanism to transmit liquid buoyancy

sdsaReversible switch action: Mode of operation (high or low) may be changed without switch recalibration