N70 Exhaust Port Indicator

The K-Dyne Model N70 Exhaust Port Indicator is specifically designed for use on wellhead and production pneumatic safety systems. When no pressure is flowing thru the exhaust port of a valve or sensor, the "RED" indicator stem remains inside the indicator body. The Exhaust Port Indicator operates when the valve or sensor vents pressure. This pressure extends the "RED" indicator stem outward and at the end of its movement allows the exhaust pressure to escape from four slots in the face of the body. The stem stays extended until manually reset and allows all pressure to freely exhaust to the atmosphere. The small size and simplicity of operation makes the Model N70 Exhaust Port Indicator an economical device for providing "First Out" alarm indication.

Exhaust Port Indicator

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Special Features

316 SST Construction

Durable Viton Seal

Large Cv factor produces large flow rates

Small compact design

No moving parts

No O-Rings