The Model F81 mounting flanges were specifically designed for installing K-Dyne Model L81 flange/slip ring pneumatic and electric level switches into flanged vessel connections. These mounting flanges provide the field proven positive process sealing connection between the level switch and vessel.

A wide range of ANSI flange sizes and pressure ratings are readily available from 2" to 6" and ANSI 150 to ANSI 900 in both raised face and ring joint flange seals. Flange materials offered include carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, Monel and other corrosion resistant materials.

Each mounting flange comes complete with the slip ring, switch seal gasket and required mounting hardware to install a Model L81 switch. The gasket seal for the flange slip ring joint may be a soft gasket or a metal to metal one which provides the maximum process seal integrity.

Mounting Flange

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Special Features

Level switch may be removed from vessel with out removing vessel flange

aNon-integral vessel flanged and switch body eliminates expense for level switch with all stainless steel flanges

bProvides greatest process seal integrity when threaded connections are unacceptable

sdsaLarge wrenches are not required to remove level switch from vessel, making switch maintenance much easier