P40 Pneumatic Pressure Switch

The K-Dyne, Inc. Model P40 Pneumatic Pressure Switch was specifically designed for the rigorous oilfield environment. If functions as easy as a 3-way "block and bleed" valve that can be configured to respond to increasing or decreasing process pressures.

The standard unit utilizes a patented system which provides three piston diameters that are selected by simply changing the orientation of one part. When used in combination with one of the three available spring sizes, the Model P40 offers sensing ranges from 10 to 10,000 psi. without the purchase of additional bases or pistons.

Pressure Switch

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Special Features

Compact size saves space in panel use

aPatented piston/base design has three sensing diameters built in

bPiston and base materials meet NACE MR01-75

sdsaUnique instrument valve constructed allows for minimum dead band and max seat life

sdsaA 1/4" NPT (F) sensor base connection reduces fitting costs for panel mounted applications

sdsaLarge flow paths are provided in the sensing base and piston to insure quick response to pressure changes

sdsaSpring may be removed without bleeding off instrumentation or process pressures

sdsaAll sensing seals incorporate PTFE back-up rings permitting low pressure sensing ranges to operate up to 10,000 psi without seal damage